Just for Fun

Some Spectacular Brazilian Sights

Iguaçu Falls.
(10,000 tons of water per second! And it's not even on the largest river in Brazil)

Sugarloaf (Pão de Açúcar), Rio de Janeiro.

Red Macaw.

Downtown São Paulo.

Christ the Redeemer, Cristo Hedentor, Rio de Janeiro.

This deserves a second photo.

Ibuapuera Park, the largest bit of greenery in São Paulo. It features lots of eucalyptus trees, and lots of black swans. I wonder where they came from?

The elevator in Salvador, capital of Bahia state.
The stadium at Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais.
Minas Gerais is a mineral rich state, as it's name implies. It is Brazil's Western Australia, or perhaps we should say that Western Australia is Australia's Minas Gerais.

One of the many buildings in Belo Horizonte designed by Oscar Niemayer, the world famous Brazilian architect who died recently aged 104. Niemayer designed many world famous buildings in the capital of Brazil, Brasília.

The spectacular Montenegro Canyon in Rio Grande do Sul State. This state is the most southern Brazilian state, next to Uruguay. It has a cool temperate climate, similar to NSW.

It has a large German, and also Italian population, many of whom maintain a very traditional way of life.
The capital is Porto Alegre, shown below.

Porto Alegre is a city of great natural beauty. This photo shows the shoreline.
The ornate Town Hall.