About Us


Hi! I’m Elaine Lima Mackenzie, owner of Best Of Brazil.

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil. I started working in fashion design at a very young age, and worked in that area for over three decades.

Fate brought me to Sydney in early 2014, and I now live with my husband on the Northern Beaches. When I moved to Sydney I realized that Australian women had very little idea about Brazil and what it had to offer. I decided to show part of this by importing Brazilian silk scarves, and a number of types of Jewellery. Some of this jewellery uses semi-precious stones; other parts of the range use sustainable materials in novel ways. All are innovatively designed, and very accessibly priced.

I am a passionate defender of Brazil and I see a bright future as Brazil emerges from the economic crisis of the last few years. I am determined to do what I can to help. I have many contacts in the business community in Brazil and I am well placed to provide Brazilian products that may interest people in Australia. I started Best Of Brazil to do this.

My goal is simple: To promote integration between the two countries, because despite great differences and great distances, the two countries have much to offer each other.